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Editor’s note

In the context of globalization, an increasing number of young RUCers are opting for internships at international organizations, expanding their horizons and laying a solid foundation for their career paths. Our column, by sharing the stories of these brave souls, aims to inspire others to explore the unknown. The experiences of these interns are not only a valuable asset for their personal growth but also offer us insights into tackling global challenges. Let’s delve into their world together, seeking inspiration that sketches out more possibilities for our own futures.


Wang Tingting, a doctoral student at School of Marxism Studies, Renmin University of China (RUC), majoring in politics and education, is currently interning at the Central Africa Office of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.


During her internship at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the primary tasks include attending meetings and handling various meeting-related works. Another significant aspect involves working on projects, such as the packaging center or micro-hydroelectric center, monitoring the specific progress of a project, writing project reports, and making presentations.

Throughout the internship, the most important lesson Wang learned was how to grasp the entire project process. This includes everything from how to find a project in the early stages, how to write project proposals, to communicating with superiors, ensuring project implementation, and finally evaluating the project’s outcomes.


Previously, Wang thought that humanitarian aid work was a very straightforward endeavor. However, upon working on the front lines, she realized that it requires a high level of professionalism. Humanitarian aid is a complex system with many aspects that require careful attention, including technical and ethical considerations. It is a process of self-exploration where she continually encounters various problems and challenges during her internship, leading her to constantly question and affirm herself. Through this dialectical process, she gradually understands what she truly wants, what she wants to do, and what she needs to accomplish her goals.



As a student of the School of Global Governance of RUC, Wang said that it was owing to her study experience in it that she has got a more comprehensive understanding of work in international organizations.

To be specific, Wang said that the School of Global Governance has not only acted as a great platform for her to gain wider knowledge about various international organizations and their development, but it has also helped her a lot during her application for internships in international organizations as a series of courses and training programs cultivated her goals and abilities to apply for a position in international organizations where she aspired to work. For example, she remembered that a a lot of clerical work she’s doing now in UNIDO requires related professional knowledge, which was just taught in the lectures given by tutors with rich diplomatic work experience in international organizations.

Wang also participated in the “Talent Training Program for Global Governance and International Organizations” before her internship in Cameroon. Since its establishment in 2019, the School of Global Governance of RUC has actively implemented the program for around five years and continuously innovated and developed various aspects of its work such as students’ visit to different international organizations both at home and abroad.

Talking about how we can be capable of working in international organizations, Wang also shared her advice, which is to lay a solid foundation for professional knowledge. Besides, it is equally important that we should always hold a global perspective and have a good grasp of international rules, so that we can finally play a role in international affairs as Chinese talents.


Just as Wang said, “be brave to step forward as we are not alone”, there are endless people working in different international organizations, striving for a community with a shared future for mankind as their common goals. So hold on to your dreams, and you will definitely find your position in the world!