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Urdu to English sentences for Spoken English (Part 3)

Learn English to Urdu Sentences for everyday conversation can help you improve your vocabulary, grammar and everyday expressions fast. Urdu to English and English to Urdu sentences can also be very effective for improving listening skills and ultimately it will help you improve your pronunciation and beautify your accent. Moreover, these English to Urdu sentences can help those who do not know English grammar and need to communicate in the English language. The fastest way to Learn English is learning English to Urdu sentences.

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I take my words back. میں اپنے الفاظ واپس لیتا ہوں۔
I wish I were a bird کاش! میں پرندہ ہوتا۔
He can’t speak English, can he? وہ انگلش نہیں بول سکتا ، ہے نا!
It takes two to make a quarrel. تالی دونوں ہاتھوں سے بجتی ہے۔
He is just a sacrificial lamb. وہ صرف بَلی کا بکرا ہے۔
He is an apple of my eye. وہ میری آنکھ کا تارا ہے۔
We are poles apart. ہم میں زمین آسما ن کا فرق ہے۔
You have come to the wrong place. آپ غلط جگہ پر آگئے ہیں۔
It would be very kind of you. آپ کی بڑی مہربانی ہوگی۔
Don’t pluck the flowers! پھول مت توڑو!
I am under heavy debt. مجھ پر بہت زیادہ قرضہ ہے۔
Please speak one at a time! ایک ایک کرکے بولو!
She may come any time. وہ کبھی بھی آسکتی ہے۔
Who will have a go? کون شروع کرے گا؟
You had better leave my seat. بہتر ہوگا ، تم میری سیٹ چھوڑ دو۔

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English to urdu Sentences part3 edunist

English to Urdu Sentences part3 Edunist

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