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English to Urdu sentences for Spoken English (Part 4)

Learn English Urdu through Sentences for everyday conversation can help you improve your vocabulary, grammar and everyday expressions fast. Urdu to English sentences can also be very effective for improving listening skills and ultimately it will help you improve your pronunciation and beautify your accent. Moreover, these sentences can help those who do not know English grammar and need to communicate in the English language. The fastest way to Learn English Urdu is learning English to Urdu sentences.

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It’s my catchphrase. یہ میرا تقیہ کلام ہے۔
You will make me late. تم مجھے لیٹ کرواؤ گے۔
He is my namesake. وہ میرا ہم نام ہے۔
It wasn’t that difficult. یہ اِ تنا بھی مشکل نہیں تھا۔
We have a plenty of time. ہمارے پاس بہت ٹائم ہے۔
It’s my day off. آج مجھے چھٹی ہے۔
I’d like to buy the red one. میں ریڈ والا لینا  چاہوں گا۔
Here they are! یہ رہےوہ
What size are they? ان کا سائز کیا ہے؟
Let’s go to some other shop. چلو کسی اور شاپ پے چلتے ہیں۔
Which one would you prefer? تم کونسا  لینا چاہو گے؟
Do it yourself (DIY) خود کر لیں!
Oh! Poor cat.    بیچاری بلی!Oh
He is such a penny-pincher. وہ بہت کنجوس ہے۔
He is such a magnanimous person. وہ بہت کھلے دل کا ہے۔

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English sentences in Urdu english sentences part 4

English sentences in Urdu English sentences part 4

Spoken English Sentences in Urdu Download PDF Part 4

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