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Urdu to English sentences for Spoken English (Part 8)

Urdu to English sentences for everyday use

English to Urdu Sentences for everyday conversation can help you improve your vocabulary, grammar and everyday expressions fast. Urdu to English sentences can also be very effective for improving listening skills and ultimately it will help you improve your pronunciation and beautify your accent. Moreover, these sentences can help those who do not know English grammar and need to communicate in the English language.

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When did he come back?

وہ واپس کب آیا؟

Where had he been?

وہ کہاں تھا؟

Nobody really knows.

کسی کو نہیں پتا۔

I am glad to see you here.

آپ کو یہاں دیکھ کر خوشی ہوئی۔

I am bilingual.

میں دو زبانیں بولتا ہوں۔

Nobody wants to see people getting killed.

کو ئی بھی لوگوں کو مرتا ہوا نہیں دیکھنا چاہتا۔

That was more difficult than I thought.

جتنا میں نے سوچا یہ اس سے زیادہ مشکل تھا۔

What’s wrong with it?

اس میں مسئلہ کیا ہے؟

It’s your turn and Qasim coming up next.

اب تمہاری  باری اور پھر قاسم کی۔

Look the button has come off!

دیکھو! بٹن ٹوٹ گیا ہے۔

I don’t know what happened to him?

پتا نہیں اسے کیا ہوا؟

I’ll have to look for it.

مجھے( یہ) ڈھونڈنا پڑے گا۔

You have to do the talking.

بات تمہیں کرنی ہوگی۔

I’d like my money back please.

مجھے میری رقم واپس چاہیے۔

That shouldn’t happen.

ایسا نہیں ہونا چاہئیے۔

Help people around you!

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